Airport Guide

At Terminal 2

Luggage carts are no longer allowed outside the airport premises so be aware that near the exit pesky luggage handlers will alert you of this and likely offer to help with your bag(s) and put them on their cart. The distance you need to carry your luggage is not very long but unless you have a lot and can't manage it yourself let them help you and just hand then a couple bucks when they put your things down by the vehicle otherwise just say 'NO GRACIAS' and they'll leave you alone.

Proceed through the sliding glass doors and as you are clear outside walk to your right where you will see the boarding area, our supervisors will be between boarding slips 21 and 22

Cancun International Airport - Terminal 2 Map

If you arrive on a domestic flight also at Terminal 2 you will not go through immigration or customs so after you pick up your luggage from the carrousel exit the airport at the sign that reads TOUR OPERATOR, it’s a sliding glass door on the right of the corridor, please make sure you do not use the family and friends exit. Our supervisor will be located right next to the “ palapa hut bar ".

Cancun Internation Airport - Terminal 2 Exit

At Terminal 3

There are no porters so you may use the carts all the way outside. After you exit the customs area turn right follow the corridor to the exit, once you are clear outside you will see “Margarita Villa bar” to your right and “Berry Hill” to your left, our supervisor will be at the boarding area on the other side of the pedestrian crossway by platform or parking spot # 55...

Cancun International Airport - Terminal 3 Map

At Terminal 4

After going through customs exit the airport using the exit on your left. Follow the sign that reads “GROUND TRANSPORTATION SERVICES AND TAXIS”.


 Cancun International Airport - Terminal 4 Exit


Make sure you "do not use the family and friends exit. Once you are outside follow the corridor to the boarding area, our supervisor will be standing by the boarding area “platform or boarding slip # 50” .


After immigrations and customs follow the exit, there is only one. Our supervisor will be waiting for you just outside that glass door.


And lastly, please do not ask for help, use a public phone to call us should yours have no line, you have our tollfree numbers. If you feel you do need to ask for help, please, have them dial our number, use their phone and “you” talk to us.


Usually people pretend they call our office and tell you that we do not have your reservation or any other lie …. If this is the case, you are being 'slammed' by another transport company trying to get you to switch to their service (and, of course, pay their fee), they will not have any of your information.


Whomever answers the call only give them your name and nothing else and then to verify it's Cancun Valet ask them to give you the last for digits of your credit card, ask them your resort destination or your phone number, perhaps they will have your email. If they don’t answer, hang up. You are being lied to.