The Airport "Gauntlet"

If you have been to Cancun before, you already know this information, but it might be worth reviewing anyway since there are 3 different terminals and one FBO for Private flights.

This is general information regardless of the terminal you arrive at.


If your flight is international arrival;

After exiting the airplane you will be directed to Immigration where your passport will be stamped and you will be granted a tourist visa, which is usually (not mandatory) for the full limit of 180 days (varying by your country of origin.)

Exit the immigration area and enter the baggage claim, once you get your luggage, you will pass through customs and will be asked to push a traffic light like button which will randomly give you a green or red light.  A green light means you are free to proceed through to the exit unless of course the secondary inspector decides to bother you for a minute and calls you up for revision.

If you get a red light, your luggage will be inspected.

Just outside customs on your way out you will likely encounter sales people calling out to you from their booths, sometimes in a very official-sounding tone, asking to see your passport, documents or transportation documents. Our advice is to politely wave off anyone who calls you over. There is no need for you to show any documents to anyone except at immigration and when passing the customs line. The only thing you might consider is take any free pamphlets that are offered, such as the Map-A brochure and 'Cancun Tips', because these do indeed have valuable coupons, phone numbers and maps.


Finding Us At The Airport

At Terminal 2

Luggage carts are no longer allowed outside the airport premises so be aware that near the exit pesky luggage handlers will alert you of this and likely offer to help with your bag(s) and put them on their cart. The distance you need to carry your luggage is not very long but unless you have a lot and can't manage it yourself let them help you and just hand then a couple bucks when they put your things down by the vehicle otherwise just say 'NO GRACIAS' and they'll leave you alone.

Proceed through the sliding glass doors and as you are clear outside walk to your right where you will see the boarding area, our supervisors will be between boarding slips or parking spots 21 and 22

If you arrive on a domestic flight also at Terminal 2 you will not go through immigration or customs so after you pick up your luggage from the carrousel exit the airport at the sign that reads TOUR OPERATOR, it’s a sliding glass door on the right of the corridor, please make sure you do not use the family and friends exit. Our supervisor will be located right next to the “Welcome Bar” palapa hut.


At Terminal 3 - remodeling almost complete

There are no porters so you may use the carts all the way outside. After you exit the customs area turn right follow the corridor to the exit, you will pass an exchange house, car rental and taxi vendors and the ever so annoying timeshare sales reps, once you are clear outside you will see “Air Margarita Villa bar” to your right some concrete stands to your left and behind them the “Berry Hill” bar, just walk straight ahead to the paring area, you will find parking spot - # 55 - our supervisors will be right there holding a Cancun Valet board..


At Terminal 4

After passing through customs follow the corridor, you will pass an exchange house, car rentals and the always annoying time share sales reps, exit the airport using the sliding glass door on your left. Follow the red sign up on the ceiling that reads “TOUR OPERATOR or GROUND TRANSPORTATION”. Once you are outside follow the corridor around the minimart to the boarding area, our supervisor will be standing by the boarding platform # 50.




After immigrations and customs follow the exit, there is only one. Our supervisor will be waiting for you just outside that glass door.


And lastly, please do not ask for help, use a public phone to call us should yours have no line, you have our toll free numbers. If you feel you do need to ask for help, please, have them dial our number, use their phone and “you” talk to us.


Usually people pretend they call our office and tell you that we do not have your reservation or any other lie …. If this is the case, you are being 'slammed' by another transport company trying to get you to switch to their service (and, of course, pay their fee), they will not have any of your information.


Whomever answers the call only give them your name and nothing else and then ask them to give you your confirmation code, ask them your resort destination or your phone number, perhaps they will have your email. If they don’t answer any, hang up. You are being lied to.


Flight Delays?

Don't worry! We track all our arriving flights (only arriving, not departing Cancun), so you can relax knowing that our driver will wait for you. In the event of a serious delay, it is necessary that you take a moment of your time to call us at one of the numbers below, to keep us informed. Delays across days require your calling our Cancun office to reschedule.


Missed a Flight?  You got bumped?

It is really important that you contact us at least two hours prior to your originally scheduled arrival time to Cancun and let us know (perhaps by then you will have your new flight information) otherwise we may not have ample time to re-schedule your service (which is done at no additional charge) and rule your service a no show.


Flying Standby?

Book your reservation with the information of your first flight choice, should you not make it on board simply call our toll free number or our office in Cancun to alert us you are not on this flight. As soon as you know which flight you are for sure boarding call us again provide the Airline, flight number and time of arrival.

We will have a vehicle for you as long as this flight does not turn into a very late arrival, like close to mid night. We know you understand it is unsafe to have a driver on an extra-long shift. If you end up not flying in you still need to let us know on the original arrival date in order to avoid the No Show penalty fee.


No Shows / Cancellations

You may cancel without penalty if the cancellation is received at least 48 hours prior to the service. Cancellation of transfers made less than 24 hours of the scheduled service will be refunded minus a penalty fee determined at the discretion of this administration.

Any cancellation made 2 hours or less prior to a scheduled arrival or departure are not eligible for a refund.

No Shows upon arrival at the airport or at the pick-up location upon departure are also not refundable.

Reservations made to be paid in Cash if canceled less than 24 hours from the service will result in a 100% penalty fee charged to the credit card on file.

Changes to transfers, tours or departure schedules are welcomed by email or phone call to our office at any time prior to the service however if within 24 hours of the scheduled service those changes must be placed "by phone to the Cancun office number no later than 07:00 PM local time the evening before your scheduled service". Changes “of any kind” have to be made in person or travel agent that booked the reservation, no concierge or anyone else.

We reserve a 30 minutes window to cover for delays on pick up due to traffic and/or mechanical problems. In the event of a longer delay on pick up you will be granted the option of either wait for our driver the time we estimate will take us to reach you or have you take an alternate method of transportation of our choice, this will be paid by our supervisor at Cancun Intl Airport.

Increase in the number of passengers are valid however required at least 24 hours prior to the service otherwise we will not be able to board the additional people, increase of passenger number might affect the rate.

Cancellations &/or refunds of 3rd party service providers such as; Eco-Parks, Adventure Parks, Ferry Tickets, Scuba / Snorkel Tours, Fishing excursions etc, are not Cancun Valet's responsibility and need to be addressed to the service provider directly.


Is my credit card safe with you?


Our merchant service is located in the US of A and only process charges in US Dollars. All services you request from us will be handled in the outmost professional and secure manner. For your peace of mind, our website and process are PCI compliant and certified by Bank of America and STRIPE merchant services.

Please be aware that all charges are applied to your credit card’s currency of origin by “your credit card issuer”, we have no way to determine this amount as we do not know your bank’s exchange rate or international fees they apply.


Any and all services booked on our website to be charged are processed at the time of confirming the reservation except of course if you opted for the cash upon arrival.


Can I pay cash?

Yes, of course.


All reservations including those made to be paid in cash require a valid credit card to be booked and honored. No charges will be processed to cash payment requests unless the reservation is canceled out of policy or if you do not show without previous notification also within policy.

Reservations made to be paid in Cash if canceled less than 24 hours from the service will result in a 100% penalty fee charged to the credit card on file.

You may pay cash for any of our services in USD. If you wish to pay cash in Mexican Pesos, the local currency or Canadian Dollar that is fine too only that you need to request the exchange rate by email or phone call to our office during business hours on the eve of the service.


What if my party arrives on multiple flights?

We will track up to 3 flights for the same arriving group. Book your reservation with the information of the “last” arriving flight. In the comments field give us the Airline, Flight number, Time of arrival and number of passengers arriving per flight. We will track all flights however the vehicle will only be available after the last arriving party has been contacted, including delayed flights.

If your flights arrive at different terminal we will board the last arriving flight first and then move the vehicle to retrieve the passengers that arrived first. Everyone involved should have a copy of the confirmation email so in case of a serious delay or change in plans they have our contact numbers.

If your party lands in more than 3 flights and are traveling together, book the last arriving flight however it will be your responsibility to gather your entire party at a terminal of your choice and contact us when you are ready to be transported. We reserve ourselves up 30 minutes from the time you contact us to have a vehicle ready it would normally take just a few minutes.


Can I order beverages on the vehicle for my arrival?

Of course!

We can provide a cooler with beverages for your service. We can provide water, soda and beer (either plastic containers or cans, sorry, no glass allowed). The rates are also posted however it is about $15 USD per six pack of domestic beer, Premium beer like Stella Artroise or craft beer $20 USD per six pack, $2 USD cans of soda, bottle of water is complimentary when requested. If it is wine what you like we can also provide White / Red or Rose, email us for a quote / availability based on your preference.


Can I make a Grocery Stop?

Yes, why not !


Grocery stops are welcomed however not included on the transport rates. Grocery stops are charged at an hourly rate of $45 USD. You may make the stop at any grocery store of your choice along the way to your destination. If you have an specific or specialty store in mind please emails us in advance so that we can assess the distance and provide information and/or alternatives.

Grocery stops are to be requested at least 24 hours prior to the service so that we can plan on that additional time. Please do not request this as you are being transported, it will break our hearts to decline the service because our drivers already have services assigned.


Now, if you are only stopping at a convenience store for beverages and snacks for the road, just ask your friendly driver, there is no charge for stops shorter than 10 minutes.


Can I change the number of passengers traveling?

Due to Secretary of Transportation Regulations, all private transport companies must have a printed manifest with the total number of passengers they will be transporting. If your passenger number increases, please be sure to notify us at least 2 hours before you arrive or 24 hours prior to your departure or we will not be able to board the extra people. This is mainly because the number of passengers transported determines the size / type of the vehicle used. If the number of passengers decrease it is not necessary to notify us in advance


My party of 11 wants to travel together, can we fit in a single vehicle?

We understand in cases you are traveling with babies or small children and very little luggage so you would “fit” in a single van. The problem is not so much the space (sorry, we don’t have clown cars), the reasons are your protection and our insurance which limits our vehicles to 10 passengers (plus driver) when luggage is involved. Every passenger must have an assigned seat with a working seat belt. And yes, babies count as a passenger too.

Here is an option, request 2 vehicles where one will be to transport your party of 11 and have the second vehicle transport your luggage. Keep the family or group together is our pleasure, keeping you safe our obligation.

When there is no luggage / carry one / hand luggage involved we could seat more passengers however depending on the vehicle available that number varies. Feel free to ask for a quote because yes, the rates would vary.


Do you offer shared transfers?



We offer a new option of travel, Shared Private. When available it works like this; book your reservation and check the “Shared Box”, you will be quoted and confirmed for the full and regular rate however we will try to pair your service with another customer flying in at a similar time heading your way. When available we will email you (both) a revised confirmation and either provide you the new rate per passenger or we will process any refund applicable. You will be able to know in advance to the service whom you are sharing the service with. Cool huh !


What happens if the Shared Party is a no show or is delayed?

Simple, each party had a private vehicle reserved so in the event of a serious delay you go on your vehicle, no wait but also no discount… Nope, you may not ask around at the airport if someone wants to share your vehicle, we are not allowed to sell service at the airport.


I have a wedding / convention, do you handle large groups?

Yes, we do.


We have successfully provided transportation service on weddings and large groups. It is not as complicated and difficult as you might think. We will provide you a file to populate with your entire participants’ info which you will share with us. We will work on the logistics and send you back our plan, procedure and basic quote. Keep in mind that due to flight changes, cancellations and delays might cause rearrangement of vehicles which would make the quote vary from the real cost.

Payment will be processed to a maximum of 3 credit cards or cash per passenger upon arrival if you like. All this will be sorted out in advance.


My Hotel / Villa / Private Home is not listed?

Not to worry. Just either email us the name and any additional information you might have about it and we will reply with the location and a quote for the service you are requesting or, use if you have the name and address use the free text fields provided for this reason, just check the small box just under the destination field.


Contact Us

If it is an URGENT matter please “call us” do not use email.

Toll Free from within the US and Canada: 1 888-479-9095.

This is live person answering 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Local (Cancun) outside this business hours you will get our voice mail. Messages left there are forwarded to us in Mexico immediately. If you are in Mexico please do not use this number. It is very likely you will receive a recording in Spanish.


Toll Free from within Mexico: 800-CANCUNV (800-226-2868.)

Use any TELMEX public phone (located all over) to reach us, no need for coins or calling cards  -  If you are out of Mexico PLEASE do not use this number.


From outside North America Countries: Please dial our office as: +52-998-848-3634

If you are in Mexico at the airport, please “try not to ask for help to other service providers”, they will very likely lie to you about us. If you must ask for help have them dial the number and "hand you the phone", check that the number dialed is correct and talk to us.

Usually people pretend they call our office and tell you that we do not have your reservation or any other lie …. If this is the case, you are being 'slammed' by another transport company trying to get you to switch to their service (and, of course, pay their fee), they will not have any of your information.


Whomever answers the call only give them your reservation's name and nothing else and then ask them to give you your confirmation code, ask them your resort destination or your phone number, perhaps they will have your email. If they don’t answer, hang up. You are being lied to.


Business hours & office hours

Cancun Valet provides transportation service  24 / 7 / 363

Why not 365 ? well, because we close our office and will not provide service starting 07:00 PM December 24th and will return to business hours by 07:00 AM December 25th, the same schedule is for December 31st to January 1st.


Our Local Cancun office hours are 07:00 AM to 07:00 PM Local Time however transportation service is 24 / 7 / 363.

Outside these hours please leave a voice mail or send us an email.

Please be aware that since 2016 Quintana Roo State no longer changes time in Spring or Fall, we keep the same time year-round.


Emergencies will be attended on direct calls to our Cancun Office numbers only and observing the changes and cancellation policies above described (don’t worry, thus our policies are almost set in stone, we are not narrow minded).